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New Bucovina Line-Up, As Metal as ever

March 24, Iasi

It’s high time we made some announcements related to the band and its future. They are generated by rather important changes, so here are the facts, without any more ado:

Just as we told the guys during our last gig in Bucharest, Vlad is no longer part of the band. Our dear bass player decided to split because his future plans as a software programmer, just as he told us he would, when he first joined our ranks. So it’s no surprise, and we wish him to keep on being the same happy guy and go make his dreams come true.

His duties as a bass player are now cared for by yet another Brazilian guy, Jorge Augusto Coan… for us and you, Jorge. São Paulo-born in 1983, Jorge is a philosopher and also has extensive Conservatory training. Don’t ask how come we only pick Brazilian bass players, it’s a well-kept secret. He is rooted in jazz and progressive metal, while his mentors are Jaco Pastorius, Billy Sheehan, John Myung, Adilson Gobi, and Marcel Bottaro.

When it comes to expecting the unexpected, here’s the news:  now we are only 4. Together with our keyboard player we came to an agreement that nit’s simply better to split up: Maanu’s new career makes it impossible for him to dedicate enough time to this band, so it’s just better this way. We wish him luck in his new endeavors.

And since one of our mottos is being true to ourselves, we also decided that the new album will be released without keyboards, while we are coming back to the 4-men line-up and closer to the metal sound which made people love us.

Now with way better gear and expertise, you should expect a very powerful metal sound from Bucovina: just like in the old days, only better. The soon-to-be-released single, Day Follows Day, Night Follows Night is going to be one of the last songs with added keyboards, at least for a long time.

The new album is almost ready, we just have to re-record some parts. You should expect the same  top-notch quality of Duh: it will be mixed and mastered by no other than Mike Wead of King Diamond and Bibleblack fame.

Finally, until we put up a completely new website for Bucovina, we hope you will enjoy the all-ne w band blog:  This will be the place for constant up dates from the band members, with details in the band’s and their members’ lives, and we can only hope the new blog will become a great way to bring Bucovina’s fans and supporters together.

Actual Bucovina line-up:

Crivat – guitars, vox

Luparul – guitars, vox

Jorje – bass

Mishu-  drums.


bcv_01 bcv_02bcv_03   crv_02 crv-03  jrj_02   jrj_01lup_01jrj_03msh_01crv_01lup_03 lup_04  msh_02 msh_03

Gigs already booked:

April 19 –  Brasov, Rockstadt

April 20– Timisoara, Daos

April 21– Sibiu, Bohemian Flow

May 25 – Bacau, Bike Show

August 17– Baia Mare, Rock n Road Bike Show.

May’s gigs in Chisinau, Bucuresti and Constanta TBD&TBA.